5 Recruiting & Sourcing Productivity Hacks to Save an Hour an Day

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Seems like there is never enough time in the day. While technology helps us immensely in our jobs, it also serves as a reminder I can always do more in my day. This reality serves as a constant reminder. Since moving to the Pacific Coast, my work day starts at 5 AM. It’s not uncommon for the phone calls and text messages to begin that early these days. I’m extremely focused on productivity and streamlining my work and personal life to make the most of my time so I spend my time with the people and doing the things I enjoy most.

Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiters & Sourcers

Chrome serves as my most productive web browser when it comes to time spent online. At present I have a little over 32 tabs open in Chrome sourcing, searching and researching various websites, social networks and new sites.  I use FireFox sparingly logging into my other Google account so I can quickly toggle between them because time is precious. While I appreciate things like security, there is nothing more unproductive than wasted time spent online logging in.  Aside from having multiple browsers open, there are a number of fantastic tools, extensions and technology that exists (often free) that help us do our jobs as recruiters and sourcers even better. Here are 5 of my favorites.

  • Lippl. This extension taps into LinkedIn allowing you to quickly copy an entire LinkedIn profile and copy the profile url. You can access anyone’s profile, but for how long LinkedIn will allow it, is yet to be seen. They’ve been sue happy as of late. If they could also import the pdf copy of their profile with just a quick keystroke, this tool would be even better. The service is currently free. Click here.
  • Connectifier. This is a Chrome extension currently in beta. Some ex-Googlers built this tool to better understand who the job seeker is before you pick up the phone and call a candidate you have just sourced. You can see from the screenshot above, I have access to social media profiles, email info as well as phone numbers if that information is publicly available. Easily I found the email address of a ruby on rails developer from San Jose with a simple Twitter Search. It takes Hack Inn (currently shut down due to the LinkedIn lawsuit), to a whole different level. I love this tool because unlike Hack Inn, it works on Twitter and other social networks.  Click here.
  • Yes Ware. A Gmail extension, this tool sends me a message to let me know when someone has opened an email. As soon as I get the note my email has been opened, I immediately call them to follow up. It’s almost like I’m reading their mind. Click here.
  • IFTTT. One of my favorite tools for making automated programs. In fact, I get an alert every time the pollen count reaches a certain threshold or if there’s rain in the forecast for my neighborhood. One favorite recipe, I’ve built is a series of automatic processes that uploads an attachment from my Gmail inbox if a candidate sends me their resume making sure I can keep a resume database that I can later upload to my ATS. Click here.
  • Mx Hero.  This Chrome extension for Gmail is in beta but I absolutely love it. Insteading of clogging up your inbox, you can use the tool to send you a reminder to respond to an email or follow up. Great for following up with candidates, hiring manager and especially your boss. Keeps my email inbox clean and I’m on top of my to do list without being overwhelmed. Click here.

What productivity hacks and extensions are on your go to list? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to share.

16 Twitter Recruiting Hacks to Snag Job Seekers Fast #Infographic

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Twitter is a great place to snag hidden candidates especially those in technical fields who are hiding from recruiters and have deleted their profiles from LinkedIn. I’m always a little surprised that Twitter isn’t utilized more by recruiters especially recruiters who are focused on technical recruiting. They still rely on the tried and true method of sourcing on LinkedIn or the post and pray. Using Twitter is an enigma and is still very new. It really shouldn’t be. Twitter is free, and we make it more complicated than it has to be.

The competitive hiring market is alive and well especially in Silicon Valley where job seekers are increasingly becoming more frustrated as extremely aggressive recruiters are mass emailing and cold calling candidates even though they are not qualified or even looking. Qualified candidates are so scarce especially those of a technical nature for those experienced in Hadoop, Java and NoSQL.

To demonstrate, a quick search on Dice’s Open Web product for keyword “Hadoop” shows that there are 25,707 Hadoop professionals within the US and 9,660 of those professionals are within a 50 mile radius of San Francisco. I guarantee every technical recruiter in Silicon Valley and the Bay is aggressively hunting for these same 10,000 Hadoop candidates and only a fraction of them <the candidates> are on LinkedIn.

The solution is easy. It’s Twitter to build a list to engage the technical candidate and professional community.

Twitter offers recruiters a great opportunity to engage and focus on relationship recruiting targeting their time, effort and conversations on candidates who are sharing content or are engaging with communities of people without identifying themselves in their profile that they fit your candidate profile. Learn more about how to recruit and source on Twitter here.

Best Practices to Recruiting Technical Talent on Twitter

With Twitter’s new profile and Leadership Cards, it is finally becoming a place that is designed for optimal recruiting, and it’s about time especially since Twitter has been the third most popular search engine on the Internet for over three years. Recruiters can finally use 140 character tool to feature and promote jobs and specific tweets while targeting specific groups. Frankly, I’m excited and as a recruiter you should be too.

Twitter’s new profile and changes are still rolling out, but you can take advantage of the great recruiting opportunity that the social network presents by checking out this infographic detailing 16 of Twitter’s current recruitment hacks.

Have a hack you care to share? We’d love you to leave a comment below.


Blogging4Jobs Acquires The Recruiter’s Lounge

ADV: New Book: "Resume Forensics" is a quick and easy guide to finding free resumes and passive candidates on the web.



In 2007, I started Blogging4Jobs and built my blog and my voice after spending a great deal of time reading, subscribing and researching blogs, including one of my early favorites, The Recruiting Lounge. That’s why I’m excited to announce today that we are adding TRL to the Blogging4Jobs family.

Jim Stroud, the founder of The Recruiter’s Lounge and I caught up with one another a few weeks ago. He’s been a mentor and someone I’ve long admired in the recruiting space. I first met him in London in 2009 and he continues to inspire me with his contributions to the recruiting industry. TRL began publishing in January 2005 and has provided information and insights into the wacky world of employment with news, articles, comics, videos, podcasts and more. It’s nearly 2,700 blog posts and counting. You can understand why this announcement is so exciting and why I jumped at the chance to have the opportunity to help maintain the bar that Jim set here at TRL with our conversations focused on internet search, sourcing and recruiting.

Yes, you read correctly. Starting today The Recruiter’s Lounge is part of the Blogging4Jobs family!

I’m excited to take Jim’s blog under my wings, maintain the integrity of his awesome content and continue its focus on recruiting, sourcing and the job search. We’ll also be tweeting using the newly created Twitter account, @recruiterhacks. You can also connect with Jim going forward on his personal blog, JimStroud.com.

This is my second acquisition having first purchased Secrets of the Job Hunt in 2012. We will be continuing to focus on recruiting and sourcing topics and expanding our webinars and training offerings for these groups too. At our current learning management system, we have over 25 free webinars available on a variety of HR, recruiting and sourcing topics. I’m excited about seeing what the future holds.

I’d also love to hear from you what you’d like to see. Feel free to reach out to me directly jessica(at)blogging4jobs(com)com, call me at (405) 293-2564 or leave a comment below.


How to Source a CEO

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I received an interesting update recently. Well, “interesting” from a sourcing perspective. A new dotcom debuted recently for CEOs. Its called dotCEO. Details below.

San Francisco – Friday 28 March, 2014 – PeopleBrowsr, owner of the registry operator for new Top Level Domain dotCEO, has announced General Availability. dotCEO domain addresses and identities will be available for purchase at Noon (ET) on Friday, March 28 2014.

dotCEO (www.home.CEO) is positioned as the only TLD to convey authority and power. Over the last few weeks 100 of the Fortune 500 registered their dotCEO domains. 3,000 individual CEOs are on the wait list. More than 45,000 premium dotCEO domains will be released.

Jodee Rich (www.PeopleBrowsr.CEO), CEO of PeopleBrowsr said, “dotCEO is the powerful new domain Identity that defines your personal brand online. It is an address for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to control their brand and reputation.”

Top influencers across a broad scope of industries have requested their personal dotCEO domain identity. These leading CEOs include:

Hollywood Celebrity CatherineOxenberg.CEO - Former Dynasty actress and CEO of production company Holy Cow

LinkedIn Guru NealSchaffer.CEO - President of Maximize Your Social and featured in Forbes as one of the Top 5 Social Salespeople in the world

Top LinkedIn Influencer NaomiSimson.CEO - Blogger and Founder of online gift experience retailer, RedBalloon

Social Business Influencer AndrewGrill.CEO - Former Kred CEO and Global Partner at IBM Interactive Experience

PR and Marketing Leader Jennie-Marie.CEO - Founder of the first dedicated international marketing consultancy for Top Level Domain registries

Politician ChristineJones.CEO - Candidate for the Governor of Arizona and Former Executive Vice President at GoDaddy

Primetime TV Host JeffreyHayzlett.CEO - International marketing & public relations leader and current CEO of The Hayzlett Group

Domain Investor and Industry Guru MonteCahn.CEO - Co-Founder and President of Right of the Dot, LLC

Radio host DannahLewis.CEO - Speaker on Creation in Action and owner of Delicious LifeStyled

Leading Social Media Influencer BrianSolis.CEO - Founder and Executive Chairman of The Confidante

Agency CEO and Entrepreneur MattSingley.CEO - social media and advertising CEO of Singley + Mackie

Marketing Guru JeremySchoemaker.CEO - Co-founder of AuctionAds Service and Founder of NextPimp.com and ShoeMoney Media

Leading Global Accounting Professional GlendaNixon.CEO - International Chairman and Managing Partner at Accru Felsers

New TLD Guru Ray King Portland.CEO - CEO of new TLD applicant Top Level Designs

dotCEO domains can be purchased through participating registrar partners including Name.comHexonet.net and 101domain.com. (See below for list of other featured registrar partners.)

About PeopleBrowsr

dotCEO TLD is owned by PeopleBrowsr, the registry for dotBest and dotKred. Over the last 5 years, PeopleBrowsr has developed cloud and application based social analytics and social network technology, as well as a social datamine which includes a global database of Social conversations and profiles. The Datamine is one of the largest in the world and contains one trillion conversations and over 500 million social media profiles.


Could this be the start of a new trend? From a recruiting perspective, I hope so. it certainly would make it easier to find people based on a job title. Well, for free anyways. When I performed a site search on the dotCEO domain, not much was there. However, I suspect that will change in the near future.

how to boolean search for CEOs


Click here to see the latest search results. Imagine now if there were dotVP domains or dotAdmins or dotAccountant domains? Just a thought…

So, what do you think of this? Is it cool? Or, is it meh? Your thoughts?


P.S. Did you know that content is the new sourcing?


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