Not Recruiting on Youtube? You’re Missing Out! [INFORGRAPHIC]

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Each Friday The Recruiter’s Lounge is going to bring you Infographic Fridays. We’ll be finding really interesting and different infographics to share. Hope you enjoy!

Infographic Highlights:

  • Youtube is the 3rd highest trafficked site in the world trailing Facebook & Google, yet recruiters are glossing over it.
  • In 2011, Youtube had over 1 trillion views. Make a cat video and tie it into your employer brand and BOOM, instant gold.

Why Youtube?

  • Excellent employment branding opportunities.
  • See an increase in traffic, 200% to 300% when posting videos on Youtube
  • Youtube’s demographic is quite broad, 18-54.

Top 5 Brands Using Youtube

  • Google (obviously).
  • US Coast Guard
  • KPMG
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Bertelsman


Should You Let Your Employees Work Remotely?

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It has long been held that employees are more productive when they are at a workplace.

However, a recent study by Employer Alliance in Singapore suggests that companies who are willing to offer a remote working environment for their employees could potentially reduce overhead costs and increase productivity and profit. Moreover, the study found that employers who don’t allow their employees to work remotely are potentially missing out on a pool of highly-qualified staff that may be unable to make it to work due to location, disability or working conditions.

Indeed, there is evidence that employees in some industries can be more productive than those in-house. A recent Chinese experiment where staff were given the option to work from home showed higher productivity, less sick days and generally happier staff.

“The Employer Alliance recently stated that many Singaporeans (literally, hundreds of thousands) could re-enter the workforce, and hence ease Singapore’s manpower shortage, if more companies were willing to adopt flexible working arrangements”, states content strategist Daniel Tay.

That said, in order to ensure companies reap the full potential benefits of their employee’s working remotely, careful planning, implementation and often cost must be considered. Often the choice is not worthwhile.

Can it work?

In short, yes it can. Apple is a company who has excelled at letting their employees work remotely. They do this by developing a strict training procedure for off-site workers and by monitoring the attendance of employees – who must prove that they are working. One way Apple does this is by tracking mouse movements, random questioning and a final test where failure results in losing the position in the company. Apple has spent a lot of time and money ensuring that staff are motivated to work from home, and are rewarded for doing so.

That said, not every business is like Apple and smaller businesses looking to transfer their workers off-site need to overcome a number of logistical hurdles in order to maximise their productivity and profit with remote working employees.

Working environment

Often remote working positions only require a computer to be effective, while others require much more. Keep in mind that you should avoid overcapitalising on setting up employees to work from home. It must be cost efficient to your business and you need to be sure that they are motivated to work without supervision. In addition, consider any occupational health and safety risks that your company may be liable for, if your employee injures themselves at home.


Data and information security policies should be drafted before allowing any staff external access to company information. Any connection to a server or internet must be set up and paid for or at least subsidised by the company and this needs to be discussed and agreed upon before commencement of a work from home policy.

Are they the best person for the job?

Choosing the right person for the job is imperative. All staff have their strengths, and weaknesses and it is as important to employ the correct person for a position especially if they are working remotely. Some qualities needed from a remote employee are motivation, trustworthiness, flexibility and the ability to complete their work to deadline. The employee’s performance must be effectively assessed to ensure targets are being met.

In order to get the highest output from employees, consider the following:

  • Clearly defined expectations for staff. Ensuring that the tasks are achievable and measurable, for example setting up SMART goals for employees.
  • Ensuring staff are given proper tools, training and support.
  • Communication should be regular and consistent. Meetings, newsletters, training sessions and team building exercises can assist in keeping staff on track and working to their full potential.
  • Salary expectations should be met and regularly assessed, for example by reviewing these salary guides by Robert Half.
  • Implement incentive programs. Giving staff intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for completing tasks will ensure employees continue working to a high standard.


A lack of motivation and team unity were some of the reasons touted by Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer, when she recalled all Yahoo! remote employees back to the Yahoo! office. Her reasoning was that the staff and the business benefited from collaboration, something that could not adequately be achieved from a payroll of remotely working staff.

Some small businesses may thrive under these conditions whereas others may not. Intensive research is required to ascertain whether or not the flexibility of part time or full time remote working environments is going to be beneficial for a particular company and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

RevolutionHR launches HR focused crowd-funding campaign making history as pioneer in #HRTech

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“You’re greater than you know…” New software is designed to help you achieve greatness in life and work by using latest technology.

Dallas, TX – June 20, 2014 – RevolutionHR, has announced it will launch a crowd funding campaign this summer for it’s new product, MaximusLife, focused on making you great at life and work. MaximusLife is seeking $50,000 for an innovative platform that provides users with a new experience in achieving goals through visual quests, wearable technology and digital timelines.

The MaximusLife Platform – accessible online or via mobile – brings management of corporate and team goals, individual career growth and wellness initiatives into one easy-to-use system. MaximumsLife focuses on the workplace and career wellness where employees focused on holistic wellness of an employee.

MaximusLife uses the power of science-based motivation (positive psychology, visual science, gaming and teams/mentors) to propel users to live and work toward greatness. On the work side, MaximusLife is a new employee-engagement platform that uses an innovative reward system to build a bridge between a company and its employees. The proprietary design gives users in any job the tools for the fast track to career growth while earning real rewards and building a digital career timeline they can take with them their whole career. Beyond work, users earn rewards for launching quests that balance their life with other areas like health/fitness, hobbies and giving-back.

The platform’s integration of allies, coaches, sponsors and custom perks with the option to turn points into charitable giving is one that is unique to the space, and is sure to catch a lot of attention from users and corporate HR and workplace leaders.

“Our platform focuses on the people first and foremost and how they will grow this year as individuals”, said co-founder Brady Bruner. “When you focus on knowing the person and helping them grow in life as individuals, everything else (the profits, the healthcare savings and the on-the-job performance) will follow.”

The MaximusLife Indiegogo campaign kicked off midnight June 19, 2014. Campaign perks include digital career timelines, discounts on partner programs, pre-launch access. Backers at the highest tiers will receive the application beginning this Fall.

RevolutionHR provides companies with products and services to help their employees grow their careers more effectively — improving employee engagement, reducing turnover and increasing job satisfaction.  Its latest product, MaximusLife, is a new employee-engagement platform that uses an innovative reward system to build a bridge between a company and its employees.  Visually exciting, the Maximus Employee Engagement Platform – accessible online or via mobile – brings management of corporate and team goals, individual career growth and wellness initiatives into one easy-to-use system.   RevolutionHR, based out of Dallas, TX, will be unveiling Maximus at the 2014 SHRM conference.



6 Recruitment Trends For 2014

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With the economy gearing up for growth and the unemployment rate still trending below the Australian national average, many recruiters are predicting a healthy 2014 for the jobs market across many sectors. Indeed, one sector that is forecast to grow significantly over the next 12 months is the technology sector and the business of Big Data.

With the digital revolution in full swing, we are seeing more and more businesses lean towards a digital style of marketing and consumer involvement. Mobile banking is becoming a vital part of how people manage their money. Ecommerce is booming as online companies open their virtual doors and existing companies refocus on targeting an online market. The need to meet the online market has driven companies to rethink their digital strategy. This has left a large sector open for recruitment in digital marketing, website development and other career opportunities that exist solely due to the new sector of online shopping.

Companies that refuse to evolve in the online market will find it difficult to remain competitive in what is becoming an essential part of trade.

The digital revolution has revised the way the workforce reacts to demand from the public. Cloud based computing and other extensive advancements in communication has created the need for experts in both IT and social media. We’ve seen the following hiring trends so far in 2014, and expect that they will continue as the year progresses.

Technology Integration in the workplace

As the digital revolution is cementing the need for a successful integration of technology in the workforce is increasing. Technology is no longer a stand-alone field, with the need for successful merging of financial and marketing departments needed to remain current.

App Development and the Mobile Consumer

We’ve seen a sharp increase in financial mobile use over the last 12 months. Expect this to continue as the financial sector ensures that customers feel in control of their assets. The need for highly skilled app developers will increase as many businesses follow the banks example and attempt to encourage users to interact with them via their mobile devices.

Highly skilled Tech Experts

As long as technology continues to be an evolving thing, the need for skilled technology employees will be high. As companies adapt in the current digital market, experts in everything from development of online strategy to IT project managers are highly regarded.

New Marketing Techniques

As the market changes, so does the need for multi-skilled employees. Social media has come into play not only with recruitment, but also with consumer interaction. Now, more than ever it is vital to ensure that a company has a high level of engagement across numerous social media platforms. Employees who are specialists in a sector such as marketing or finance, also need to be skilled in using social media effectively within their sector.

Financial Sector

The financial sector has seen strong growth in the past two years, which has been aided by the dedication to mobile banking, remaining on top of marketing trends and staying current in a digital market. Insurance and lending experts are becoming sought after and highly skilled underwriters are going to be essential over the next 12 months if trends continue.

Staff Retention

Companies are realising the importance of skilled, well trained employees and the focus has shifted to retaining these staff members. The readily available salary calculators and heavily marketed job search engines such as easily allow people to compare pay rates, and consider changing careers. Information is accessible and employers need to be aware that their staff are constantly searching for the next best thing.

Prisoners Become More Employable with HGV-driving Lessons

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HMP Standford Hill on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent has launched a scheme that allows its inmates to learn how to drive HGVs and forklift trucks.

The initiative is designed to reduce re-offending and make ex-offenders more employable once they have served their sentence. Developed with Mainstream Training, the courses will either be held at the Category D open prison or the company’s base in Sittingbourne.

Just like on standard training courses provided by, the course starts with classroom time to learn the theory before moving onto practical driving lessons.

Paul Tolley, senior operations manager at Mainstream, explained that the course isn’t a “freebie.” Donations from the Royal London Society and Salvation Army fund the course, but once the prisoner finds work, they are required to pay it back.

“These aren’t free driving lessons for personal use,” he said. “What we have done is put a programme in place to help get them trained, get a CV together and help them get a job.”

Mr Tolley also revealed that 15 of the 30 people that been trained so far had found employment, suggesting that scheme is already helping ex-offenders rejoin society.


The Ministry of Justice said that this was the first time this type of training had been offered to prisoners. A spokesperson for the Ministry said: “Our priority is to rehabilitate prisoners and this scheme helps prepare them for work at zero-cost to the taxpayer.”

However, it isn’t the first time that the need to find employment for ex-offenders has been championed. Business mogul Sir Richard Branson actively encourages the managing directors of companies within his Virgin group to employ ex-prisoners.

Sir Branson has been promoting the employment of ex-offenders for the past two year since being invited to visit a high-security prison in Australia by Comic Relief creator Jane Tewson.

He also met representatives from the Australian transport company Toll, which has employed hundreds of ex-prisoners, none of whom have since reoffended.

Sir Branson revealed that he then contacted the bosses at his Virgin companies “and said to them that we must do the same; to try to take on as many ex-convicts as possible”.

While it is early days for both Virgin’s change in recruitment policy and the HGV training at the prison, Toll’s model suggests that both could be future success stories.

As Branson said, “Everybody deserves a second chance.”  And with job prospects for ex-convicts low, training schemes such as these offer great ways for prisoners to contribute to society and make a fresh start with thriving career opportunities and a new lease on life.

About the Author: Marie Wright is a freelance writer from London who is passionate about former inmate rehabilitation programmes for the betterment of society overall.