3 ways to maximize post hire value

3 Ways to Maximize Employee Relations & Post-Hire Value

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Employee Relations’ Role in New Hire Onboarding.

The recruitment process is among some of the most complex processes any organization has. It requires deep integration of recruiters with talent management functions, hiring managers, brand marketing functions, candidates, and in some cases with external recruiting agencies. Failure to maintain these relationships across the board often results in misaligned recruiting and poor employee relations. However, that is only part of the story – the recruiting process does not end at landing that great talent, but is rather an ongoing process that begins at sourcing the candidate and ends with a successful onboarding.

To demonstrate just how important onboarding is in our recruiting process, a SHRM study revealed some interesting numbers:

  • More than 25 percent of the U.S. population experiences some type of career transition each year.
  • In Fortune 500 companies alone, about 500,000 managers take on new roles each year.
  • Managers begin new jobs every two to four years.
  • Half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months in a new position.
  • Half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days.

The Hefty Cost of Hiring & Losing an Employee

The price we pay for failed onboarding is hefty. Redundant recruiter and interviewer hours, redundant training costs, and redundant external recruiter commissions are just some of the direct costs we endure when hiring an employee. Lost production and efficiency while the position is open, overtime to make up the work, and sometimes even reputation loss, are glaring indirect costs we endure. Failed onboarding is a lose-lose situation for recruiters. So what can we do defeat the statistics?

1. Employee Engagement & Relations with Candidates Doesn’t Stop at Hiring

Throwing new employees into a hiring manager’s hands and forgetting about them makes everyone feel the entire process is mechanic and impersonal. Onboarding is an integral element of the hiring process. Don’t stop your engagement when you have delivered the goods. We all praise those suppliers that keep in touch with us and ask our opinion after we purchased their product. Be one of them. Think of it as a long term investment on retention.

2. Get Constant Feedback from Hiring Managers

You have to remember who your customers are. It is key that you maintain an open line of communication with managers you are hiring for, before the hire and during onboarding. What are their pains, what they liked or did not like about previous hires, and what are their expectations from you and the candidates. The hiring managers will give you an indication of the level of involvement they expect from you, but don’t be shy about testing those limits. Make it clear your involvement is beneficial for them. Being engaged in the onboarding process will give you a lot of information about what it takes to make a great future hire and further help employee relations

3. Tangible Data Helps you Make Better Decisions

A great way for you to monitor and engage with new hires and managers is through data. You want to hear opinions and feelings, but you also need tangible data to back those up. Surveying new hires’ engagement levels, collaboration, social integration, and satisfaction is crucial during the first year. Do that at the latest 30 days after the hire, and then once again every 30 or 60 days. If you managed to improve the onboarding process and use it to make better hires in the future, you have created significant value already.

Communication Enhances Performance

Onboarding is an important part of the recruitment process and you should invest just as many resources into it as you invest into sourcing and hiring candidates. Successful onboarding has a significant positive effect on financial and operational performance. Don’t underestimate your ability to boost performance through better communication with managers and new hires. Don’t forget the long term advantages of having good relationships with employees and managers for yourself and the other HR functions.

Mobile Recruitment Awards

2015 Global Mobile Recruiting Awards Accepting Entries

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LONDON, Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Web Based Recruitment, experts in the areas of Mobile Recruitment and Recruiting Videos, confirmed that there had been strong interest in the recently announced 2015 Global Mobile Recruitment Awards.

Now in their second year the awards will acknowledge those companies leading the way in the use of Mobile Recruitment and at the same time help raise the awareness of Mobile Recruiting best practice.

“The awards not only give an opportunity to show what is currently happening in the market but they will also help raise the level of awareness about Mobile Recruitment and how it is being currently used across the world,” said Mike Taylor from Web Based Recruitment, organizers of the awards.

Mobile Recruitment – A Hot Subject

“Mobile Recruitment continues to be a hot subject area at the moment globally, with published reports and surveys consistently showing that job seekers want to able to search and apply for jobs using their mobile device. Unfortunately, the majority of companies still don’t make this service available to job seekers and unless they start making changes in 2015 they will still be in danger of missing out on candidates.”

Award Categories

The 2015 Global Mobile Recruitment Awards consist of the following categories:

  • Best Corporate Mobile Website
  • Best Recruitment Agency / Staffing Firm Mobile Website
  • Best Job Board Mobile Website
  • Best Corporate Mobile Recruitment App
  • Best Recruitment Agency / Staffing Firm Mobile Recruitment App
  • Best Job Board Mobile Recruitment App
  • Best Mobile Recruitment Marketing Campaign
  • Best Mobile Employee Engagement Platform
  • Most Innovative Mobile Recruitment Product or Service

2014 Winners

The winners from the inaugural Global Mobile Recruitment Awards in 2014 were:

  • Best Corporate Mobile Website – Barclays Bank
  • Best Recruitment Agency / Staffing Firm Mobile Website – The Execu|Search Group
  • Best Job Board Mobile Website – CV-Library
  • Best Corporate Mobile Recruitment App – Sodexo
  • Best Recruitment Agency / Staffing Firm Mobile Recruitment App - Spencer Ogden
  • Best Job Board Mobile Recruitment App – TheLadders
  • Best Mobile Recruitment Marketing Campaign – CMS Cameron McKenna
  • Best Mobile Employee Engagement Platform – Barclays Bank
  • Most Innovative Mobile Recruitment Product/Service – RMP Enterprise

How To Enter

The awards are open until Friday, January 30th, 2015 and the winners will be announced online on Thursday, March 26th, 2015.  Full details of how to enter can be found at http://www.MobileRecruitmentAwards.com/enter.

Awards Sponsorship

The 2015 Global Mobile Recruitment Awards offers sponsors an excellent opportunity to be associated with companies at the forefront of excellence and innovation in mobile recruitment whilst at the same time adding brand exposure and a chance to promote their products and services.  Further information about these limited sponsorship opportunities can be found at:http://mobilerecruitmentawards.com/sponsorship/.

Contact Details

Mike Taylor, Director, Web Based Recruitment
+44 (0) 1962 883754

How to Hook (Source) the Best in Class Candidates

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As a recruiter in today’s market, you have to always be looking towards tomorrow. If you are looking for the candidate who is a perfect fit, it’s safe to say that the talent pool is small. And all economic indicators and industries are pointing that this fact is not going to change.

It is best to start building your talent pool today because we never know what the market will bring. Facility and region headcounts change and shift. You have to be ready. As as recruiter you need to start being more aggressive, and creative. The competition for talent is increasing. Currently only 7% of all global companies are proactively sourcing the candidate pool. If you don’t act fast you could miss out on that potential top candidate.

One of the biggest things to remember is that when sourcing your trying to convert that prospect into a candidate, so you need to make sure you are targeted in your sourcing, consistent, creative, and relevant in your approach. This starts with actively engaging the passive job seeker candidate. Most of all you must be urgent and targeted in who, what, when and how you seek them out, interact and build a talent pool for the long term.

big fish social media recruiting

Social Media Use in Recruiting Reaches Unprecedented Levels

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Does your company use Social Media to recruit potential hires?  If so, what form of Social Media does your company use for recruiting candidates.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the top 3 Social Media platforms being used for recruitment. Currently over 92% of all companies use some form of Social Media for their recruiting.  In 2012 LinkedIn was the #1 Social Media platform used in Social Media recruiting at 93%. A 15% increase from 2010 when they were used 78% of the time.  Facebook was used 66% of the time, while Twitter was used 54% of the time.

The business case for social media is easy especially with new social recruiting technologies, tools and resources at our recruiting fingertips every day. Recruiters are having success sourcing with Instagram, utilizing Twitter’s new job card feature and even recruiting using YouTube and Snapchat to engage different candidate demographics to fill your openings.

social media recruitment


2015 Predictions Recruiting Strategies

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The old way of recruiting and hiring is no more. We’ve entered a more social and interactive era that is heavily focused on process and facilitated by technology. Recruiting and talent acquisition teams can no longer be focused on leveraging established methods. Most of these methods and strategies have been in play since 1998 when the last real technology shakeup took place. It was called the launch of the job board industry.

In 2014, we have begun seeing a shift where job seekers are now in control. As a recruiter you’ve probably felt the pinch. Job offers are being turned down more often or candidate removed himself or herself from being considered at your company because they received another offer. In 2015, we can no longer be slow to engage and offer the best talent. Those companies who are shift, flexible and can adapt are poaching our current employee population or those we are currently considering to employe at our company.

Recruiting Strategies in 2015

In 2015, the candidate is in control. Unemployment is as of September 2014 sits at 5.9%. In October 2009 unemployment levels sat at 10.0%. The Silicon Valley job market for me often serves as a predictor for what we will see 6 to 18 months in the future in the U.S. Good employees there change jobs every twelve months. They aren’t considered job hoppers. They are smart capitalists who are taking control of their own professional and financial success walking away with sometimes 50% more salary. How do we entice and engage the savvy, qualified candidate marketplace. It all starts with adapting your recruitment strategies in 2015.

  • Evaluate Your Pay Bands. You don’t have to make immediate changes to your salary pay bands, but you should be mystery shopping your competitors and researching the current marketplace.
  • Meet and Survey Your Recent Hires. Establish a simple 30 day and 60 day new hire survey to locate trends and talk individually or in focus groups to new hires to understand how they searched for work and what was most important to them.
  • Mystery Shop Your Competition. Being flexible and responsive is all about arming yourself with knowledge. Have a member of your team apply to competitors to understand what the hiring process is like. Educate yourself on their benefits programs and incentives too especially if you are experiencing a large number of employees who are migrating over to that organization.
  • Evaluate Your Own Hiring Process. Turn your attention to your own current hiring process. Where do bottlenecks occur and what process is most difficult and/or frustrating for your job seekers. Now compare your experiences with the competition.

Notice I spent not one moment spouting for your team to get on social media and start recruiting or improve your InMail recruiting tactics on LinkedIn. In order to understand a solution you have to determine where your strengths, opportunities and weaknesses lie. Too often we jump ahead in the process and try to find a quick band aid. It won’t work when the job seeker is in the driver’s seat. It won’t work in 2015.

From the outside looking in adaptive and flexible recruiting strategies looks nimble and quick because your team has done the work. You’re researched up front. You understand your own processes shortfalls as well as your competition. A good strategy is lot like an iceberg. There is so much more than just execution. There’s a lot below the surface that your senior leadership or outsides see.

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How Recruiters Can Build a Candidate Database with an ATS

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Learn the secrets from the masters to find and assess your top technical talent by joining our 12/9 webinar at 1 PM EST. Click here to register. 

Most recruiting and talent acquisition teams have a potential candidate gold mine waiting in the midst. It’s overlooked and under utilized because of technology functionality. However, the times are a changing.

How to Recruiters Can Build a Candidate Database with Their Existing ATS

I’m speaking of the candidates housed within your ATS. The old and cold list of candidates from job postings past who have previously applied for a job and experienced interest in your company. It’s time you dust those old candidates off and re-establish a relationship with them to fill your present and future positions at your company.

There are a number of different technologies you can use to accomplish this task. Most are straightforward and simple focused on what I called proactive recruiting.

Sweeten the Deal for Past Candidates

Now a simple mass email in these situations won’t do. A bulk message inviting them to update their experience or contact information is boring. Entice them to re-connect with you for something that they need of value like a salary negotiation toolkit or a LinkedIn profile tip sheet. The challenge is that you need to direct those candidates to a destination where they add or update their skills and experiences in a dynamic environment that is flexible into what I consider a talent community. Download our jump start job search guide to give you inspiration on what a great job seeker downloadable can be.

 Invite them into Your Network

 A talent community is simply green room of sorts where candidates mingle, interact and prepare with your recruiting team before they get the big opportunity go out on stage. And by stage I mean interviewing with your company. The green room operates as a closed dynamic environment that is branded and built for candidates to learn about the organization and where recruiters can engage and use the platform to as a candidate relationship platform or CRM. Notes by recruiters are posted providing the next recruiter insights into the status, interest level and possible positions for the candidate.

Keep in mind that a talent network is not a candidate database. Let me say that again. A talent network of community is not a candidate database. 

Your network is the first place your talent acquisition teams logs in to source and engage candidates who have already been vetted and experienced serious interest in your company. In the old days, my talent network was essentially an Excel spreadsheet where I built a list of candidates who were interested in roles before they were open at my company. Maybe you used a notebook or three ringed binder to organize and store your candidate database.

One HR technology company that does this well is Talent Circles. They offer a responsible platform that can be completely customized to the organization’s needs big or small. Because most ATS are storing thousands if not million of candidates. Imagine the possibilities if we could access and cultivate those relationships beyond the standard post and pray.

 Customize Your Campaigns

A simple mass email to candidates who have previously applied in most cases won’t convert a high rate. And by high rate I’m assuming that 50 percent of the 3-5 percent who actually opened and read the email you sent them. Three percent open rate is considered high in most marketing circles. You are missing an opportunity to engage another 97 percent of your ATS candidate database.

By customizing campaigns you are able to tailor the message that’s unique and appealing to your audience. Dice has done a wonderful job of this with their job seekers by creating email campaigns using a technology that changes the message contained within the email based on when the received opens and reads your campaign. This ensures that if a candidate doesn’t open your email in time to attend the virtual job fair you are hosting that the email is still relevant and customized to them. What the candidate sees is an invitation to download the salary negotiation toolkit with no mention of last week’s virtual job fair.

Recruiting teams can take their efforts even further by using re-targeting technologies to re-engage past candidates using customized ads inviting them to re-engage. Companies like ReTargeter work with your ATS exported candidate email list. When a candidate logs into Amazon, Facebook or other website a cookie is activated. Your past candidates will begin seeing targeted ads to learn more about your company. Ever wonder why that shoe Nordstom ad follows you after visit their website? It’s called retargeting.

You’re sitting on a gold mine in a locked box that is your ATS. By building a strategy that leverages your existing database focused on your long term recruiting efforts you can build momentum that will lend you greater success at a lower cost and time to fill your future job openings.

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