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Is Culture is Greater Than Salary?

How to Create a Talent Pipeline That Gets Results 2/18 at at 1 PM EST by clicking here.

@TheJobChaser was torn between two companies. He learned the importance of picking a company’s values that align with his own:

culture vs salary


Joe Hanson, the @TheJobChaser, is a blogging intern with SmartRecruiters, the free hiring platform.

FYI, I am selling (and giving away) my latest work.

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FYI, I am selling (and giving away) my latest work.

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COMIC: How to make boring business meetings fun

How to Create a Talent Pipeline That Gets Results 2/18 at at 1 PM EST by clicking here.

If you are like me, then you hate long, unproductive meetings. (If we are accomplishing things, its okay, I just detest the opposite.) One thing to counteract a waste of time is to just have fun with the situation. Have you ever heard of the business cliche’ game? That’s when you make a list of business cliches and you give yourself points when they are spoken during the meeting. Here are a few worth considering:

* Out of the box
* shareholder value
* Thinking outside of the box
* win-win situation
* paradigm shift
* at the end of the day
* 800 pound gorilla in the room
* low hanging fruit
* push the envelope

See what I mean? You can find many more business cliches here.

If you want to be really inventive, place some of these terms on a bingo sheet or make a tic-tac-toe board on a piece of paper. It will go a looong way towards relieving your boredom and counteracting any stress your job may be giving you at the time.

Have fun at your next staff meeting!


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