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Recruiting Leaders and Mobile Innovators Gather to Celebrate Their Latest Inspiration at the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference

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Hiring people using mobile technology is set to revolutionize the practice of digital recruitment.

mrec new logoSmart recruiters know Americans check their mobile devices first, and relish the opportunity to respond to messages while on the go. On 23 September 2013, a mobile recruiting conference in Georgia pulls these threads together. There, visionaries, recruitment leaders and practitioners will share innovative ideas and visions for mobile recruiting in the future. Judging by the 2012 MREC, this is something to watch closely.

The 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference has amassed innovative thought-leaders from around the world. Keynote speakers for 2013 include Dr. Gerry Purdy (Chief Mobility Strategist, Compass Intelligence), Mathew Caldwell (Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Mozilla), Leela Srinivasan (Group Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions), and Rob Humphrey (Strategic Initiatives Leader, LinkedIn). These share center stage with 30+ speakers from the recruitment industry – each with remarkable insight on a core topic.

MREC is owned and operated by mRecruitingcamp LLC who founded it in 2010. Since then, the showcase event has become a calendar highlight at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center located on Technology Square in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The conference objective is to highlight the contribution mobile recruiting makes to the search for top talent. This has already taken it to the top spot.

“We are joined this year by thought leaders from prestigious companies including Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, Dolby Laboratories, E&Y, Groupon, LinkedIn, Mozilla, PepsiCo, UPS, and more,” MREC founder and chief mobile evangelist Michael Marlatt advises. “MREC 2013 is a must-attend event for any recruitment professional who needs to contact talent anywhere, at any time.”

The agenda for the 2013 MREC kicks off on September 23 with check-in breakfast, welcome address by Chris Hoyt of PepsiCo, and keynote presentation by Gerry Purdy of Compass Intelligence. A series of think tanks follows interspersed by light luncheon – plus a cocktail reception at the end of an exciting day. September 24 follows a similar pattern, before closing with a panel discussion as master of ceremonies Chris Hoyt wraps things up until 2014.

“This is a great opportunity to gather fresh insight into the rapidly evolving world of mobile, and how it interfaces with the drive to find top talent for America’s leading enterprises,” MREC founder Michael Marlatt emphasizes. “The overarching benefit is the rare chance to network with a roomful of industry and recruitment innovators, whose minds are focused on the topic and are overflowing with fresh ideas.” Booking information is available from

About mRecruitingcamp LLC
mRecruitingcamp LLC (MREC) is an annual mobile conference for human resource and recruiting professionals. It showcases innovative thinking regarding how to harness mobile media and related technologies to attract, engage, and hire today’s increasingly scarce top talent in the light of escalating competition.

Sourcing Summit Europe – #SOSUEU Interviews Jim Stroud

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Sourcing Summit Europe – #SOSUEU interviews Jim Stroud about his book, sourcing trends and what can be expected when he speaks at Sourcing Summit Europe in Amsterdam.

Resources cited in this video include:

Podcasts and Interviews from #SHRM13

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I learned a lot at #SHRM13 and was fortunate enough to catch a few soundbites here and there, along with an interview every now and again. Tune in below to get an earful of what #SHRM13 sounded like.

I also enjoyed sharing the SHRM stage with other thoughtleaders (as shown below).

Jim Stroud at #SHRM13
Jim Stroud, Chris Russell and Johnny Campbell discuss
“The Myth of the Passive Candidate” at #SHRM13



The Most Popular Things about #SHRM13

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I had a blast at #SHRM13! If you did not attend, I HIGHLY suggest that you make plans to be at #SHRM14. It is a great investment of time that pays off in networking and personal development. A big reason why it all went well is due to the efforts of Curtis Midkidff, Director of Social Engagement at SHRM. (Kudos to a man that get social AND gets it right!)

During the event, there was so much being tweeted out there concerning #SHRM13 that I wanted to check the stats. In case you are as curious as I was, peep these stats courtesy of a very cool Twitter Tool - The Archivist.

Keep in mind that I am using the free version of this tool and as such, it only shows the data from 6.19.13 – 6.21.13. Want more detail? I suggest opting for the pay version. Just sayin’…

TOP Bloggers at #SHRM13

top #shrm13 bloggers

MOST Popular Content Tweeted at #SHRM13


MOST Popular Time for Tweets at #SHRM13


AMONG the most popular images tweeted was one of mine (Yay!):


I hope to see you at #SHRM14!


Jim Stroud is the author of "Resume Forensics."

PODCASTS: Soundbites from SHRM Atlanta 2013 Conference

Learn how to hire & assess the best technical talent at our free webinar 12/9 at 1 PM EST. Click here to register.


I was fortunate enough to attend the SHRM Atlanta 2013 Conference this week and record various soundbites from the event.

Here are my thoughts about the SHRM Atlanta conference:

And here is a collection of all the soundbites I made at the SHRM Atlanta conference.

Let me know your thoughts? Thanks!

For bonus points, can you name all the bloggers in this photo?