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The Recruiters Lounge began in 2005 and is a blog that explores the wacky world of employment with news, articles, comics, videos, podcasts and more… Our conversations here focus on recruiting, sourcing and job searching. This blog is an Xceptional HR Consulting property and is managed by Jessica Miller-Merrell since April 2014. Xceptional HR manages such sites as Blogging4Jobs.com, Workology.com, HRBlogger.info and SecretsoftheJobHunt.com. Learn more about the acquisition by clicking here.

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The Recruiters Lounge recently conducted a self-selected and confidential online survey of its core readership within the recruitment industry. These readers represent some of the most influential people in the recruitment industry.


  • 33.33% –  Third Party Recruiter
  • 27.45% – Corporate Recruiter
  • 15.69% – Sourcer
  • 7.84% –  HR Generalist
  • 3.92%  – Bloggers

Job Board Usage

  • 62.75% Use Job Boards to attract candidates

ATS Usage

  • 68 % Use an ATS system

Organzination Size

  • 37.25%….1,000 employees and above
  • 29.41%….1-10 employees
  • 11.76%….11-50 employees
  • 17.65%….51-499 employees
  • 03.92%….500-999 employees

Purchasing Decisions

  • 70.59% Influence decisions on the purchases of equipment, software, or training

How did you discover The Recruiters Lounge?

  • 43% from a link on a blog or website
  • 22% from a searchengine
  • 16 % by word of mouth


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Connect with Blake or email him directly at blake(at)blogging4jobs.com.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed on this site belong to the respective writers and do not necessarily represent those of any employers.

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  2. Mike Rink

    Finally…someone gets it right. You guys understand the mind set of recruiters and sourcers. Typically, I’m guessing, I found you while “sourcing” on the Internet. Like writers, our minds wander and we drift about online and only occasionally does that wasted time pay off; I have subscribed to The Recruiter’s Lounge.

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  5. Crystal

    Great resource. I do want to point out there is a spelling mistake in this sentence: The Recruiters Lounge is a blog that explores the wacky world of employment with news, arcticles, comics, videos, podcasts and more…

    Articles is spelt wrong.

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