Blogging4Jobs Acquires The Recruiter’s Lounge

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In 2007, I started Blogging4Jobs and built my blog and my voice after spending a great deal of time reading, subscribing and researching blogs, including one of my early favorites, The Recruiting Lounge. That’s why I’m excited to announce today that we are adding TRL to the Blogging4Jobs family.

Jim Stroud, the founder of The Recruiter’s Lounge and I caught up with one another a few weeks ago. He’s been a mentor and someone I’ve long admired in the recruiting space. I first met him in London in 2009 and he continues to inspire me with his contributions to the recruiting industry. TRL began publishing in January 2005 and has provided information and insights into the wacky world of employment with news, articles, comics, videos, podcasts and more. It’s nearly 2,700 blog posts and counting. You can understand why this announcement is so exciting and why I jumped at the chance to have the opportunity to help maintain the bar that Jim set here at TRL with our conversations focused on internet search, sourcing and recruiting.

Yes, you read correctly. Starting today The Recruiter’s Lounge is part of the Blogging4Jobs family!

I’m excited to take Jim’s blog under my wings, maintain the integrity of his awesome content and continue its focus on recruiting, sourcing and the job search. We’ll also be tweeting using the newly created Twitter account, @recruiterhacks. You can also connect with Jim going forward on his personal blog,

This is my second acquisition having first purchased Secrets of the Job Hunt in 2012. We will be continuing to focus on recruiting and sourcing topics and expanding our webinars and training offerings for these groups too. At our current learning management system, we have over 25 free webinars available on a variety of HR, recruiting and sourcing topics. I’m excited about seeing what the future holds.

I’d also love to hear from you what you’d like to see. Feel free to reach out to me directly jessica(at)blogging4jobs(com)com, call me at (405) 293-2564 or leave a comment below.


Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is workplace technology and HR anthropologist committed to making the HR & recruiting industry a better place. Mom to @ryleighmerrell. Follow her on Twitter, @jmillermerrell.
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