Cold Calling Tips for People Who Hate To Do It

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Back in the day, I used to run a full recruiting desk which means that I was tasked with finding clients, sourcing candidates and closing deals. What I liked least about that was cold calling into companies. Which in retrospect, may have been a good thing because it incentivized me to experiment and stretch my boundaries.

Anyway, a few years back I wrote an article on cold calling from a jobseeker perspective. Upon recent review, the advice I gave then is easily applicable to recruiters (and sales personnel for that matter). As such, I decided to post a link to it here.

The full post is on my Google Plus page. Click the link below and be sure to follow me as I will be adding more content there in the near future. Cool? Okay, go ahead and read my post and let me know your thoughts? Thanks! And Happy New Year!


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