New Book: “Resume Forensics” by Jim Stroud Debuts! (again)

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I mentioned in an earlier post how I was updating Resume Forensics and making it available to all concerned. Well, that day has come! Yay! Hurrah! Umm… Okay.

Click here to get your copy now. (Only available in print. At least, for now.)

Here is a description of what you will find inside:

Resume Forensics by Jim Stroud - How To Find Candidates and Free Resumes on the Internet

Resume Forensics is a quick and easy guide to finding free resumes and passive candidates on the web. Heavy on visuals and light on text, this book is written and designed for the short attention span of recruiters, sourcers and the companies that employ them.

In this book, you will learn:

  • What you should do prior to sourcing resumes online.
  • Why you should use more than one search engine
  • How to find free resumes on Google
  • How to find free resumes on Yahoo
  • How to find free resumes on Bing
  • Secret search commands that are exclusive to Google
  • How to build resume search strings for finding candidates
  • How to find resumes your competition has overlooked
  • How to use Google resources to find passive candidates
  • Research data relevant to resume sourcing and lead generation of passive candidates
  • Strategies on how to manage your sourcing research
  • And more…

Whether you are a novice, an expert or something in between, this book is filled with tips, tricks and strategies that you can immediately use to fill your open positions.

Get your copy of Resume Forensics now.


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  1. April Jones

    I am not an HR recruiter but I want this book!! I am looking to reinvent myself and change careers. I want to make my résumé easily assessible on the World Wide Web. Quite honestly I think the web is so under utilized when looking for the right candidate. Employers seem to this wacky methodology that the right candidate will fall in their lap. Sometimes it requires “leg work.” This book takes the guessing out of the equation.

    Thank you for sharing!!