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Why my recruiting video ranks higher than Twitter’s recruiting video

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Faithful readers of my blog know that I produce a series on Social Recruiting called “The Jim Stroud Show.” What you may not know however, is that I co-host a weekly Google Hangout called – The Friday Traffic Report. On this show my co-host Jack Humphrey and I discuss the latest in social media, consumer tech and whatever else catches our fancy. And we do it in a very laid back way, laced with humor. (smile)

In the most recent episode, I went on a rant about a recent experiment on YouTube and discovered that a certain video of mine was ranking very high. In a nutshell, the last episode of “The Jim Stroud Show” talked about recruiting using Twitter’s new video sharing app – Vine. When I did a search on YouTube, I noticed that I was outranking Twitter’s recruiting video. I found that amazing since my video has (at this writing), less than 300 views and their video has almost one million views AND has been online for a year. ¬†So, what do I attribute this to?

On the video, I discuss a certain YouTube tool and how I believe it went a long way in my attaining the #1 position for certain searches. What I do not mention on the video is “freshness of content.” My video is new and I happen to know that freshness enters into Google’s ranking algorithm. So, that has something to do with is as well. What really interests me now, is how long my video will stay in that position over the next few months and afterward. Time will tell.

In case you are curious, here are some of the searches where I was outranking Twitter. And just in case you were wondering, I was signed out of Google when I made these searches. So, my personal results are not a factor. At least, they should not be.

Try these searches on YouTube
# how to recruit with twitter’s vine
# recruit twitter vine
# twitter vine recruiting
# “me likee vine” (watch the video to see why this is significant)

Try these searches on Google and see my video appear on page one
# how to recruit with twitter’s vine
# recruit twitter vine
# twitter vine recruiting

Okay, enough of that. If you would, please tune into the video below to get a better explanation as to what I am alluding to herein. And while you’re at it, please add The Friday Traffic Report to your Google Circles. ¬†Thanks!

My YouTube rant kicks in around 21:12 into the episode. Just fyi…

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