Online Recruiting Via Corporate Videos – A Promising Tool For Corporates

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The most obvious advantage of online recruiting via corporate videos is the money that organizations can save by avoiding mainstream advertising media to reach their potential candidates. Corporate recruitment agencies spend a lot of money for advertising, and this can be brought down to a large extent through these videos, because most of the file hosting websites such as YouTube offer their services for a very competitive rate.

With globalization and internet, even private website owners are working with people across the globe and this is why online recruiting via this videos has a global presence. With online recruiting via corporate videos and social recruiting, a recruiter has to spend lesser time to assess the skills of candidates and this saves a lot of time. Many recruiters agree that corporate videos are the best way to find the skill level of candidates for the same position and choose the right ones.

Online recruiting via corporate videos has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Cost Effective – Since corporate videos are promoted through an organization’s website or other social recruitment media tools such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the marketing price is very low.
  • Superior Broadcasting – Since this videos are shared through internet, it is available for the job seekers immediately and they watch it at any time they want. Compared to television advertisements which will be broadcasted only on specific time the employer paid for, online videos can be broadcasted without any limitations at all.
  • Better Communication – Visuals can convey messages stronger than any other medium. Corporate houses can clearly tell the job seekers what they are looking for.

However, when a company is planning to create this videos; they should seek some professional help. There are public relations agencies and other consultancies which help corporate houses to create corporate videos with strong messages. One more thing that many organizations tend to forget is the length of these videos. It is always better to make a corporate video as short as possible because most people will get distracted with lengthy videos.

But online recruiting via corporate videos has its own disadvantages as well and companies will have a tough time dealing with it. Some of the major disadvantages of corporate videos are;

  • This Videos are Not for Everyone – If you run an IT firm, chances are very high that you will find the best candidate through online sources because most people in the IT industry are well versed in social media. But there are certain job fields where the employees are not very familiar with internet to this extent.
  • Weeding Out Can be Tough – Unfortunately, a corporate house has no way to broadcast its video exclusively to the right candidates but everyone on internet can see the video. Due to this, there will be several unwanted applications and the HR will find it difficult to weed them out. One method to avoid such candidates is using a small skill test.

Apart from these two disadvantages, online recruiting via corporate videos is a promising recruitment tool and there is no doubt that it is going to stay with us for a long time.

Steve Sinclair is a writer on Social Recruiting and he advises companies on Social Media Recruiting strategies

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  1. Charles

    Steve, I’ve got to tell you – video is fast becoming a key medium in recruitment. Now that Youtube has changed, we’re finding more value in creating and running a Youtube page for candidates, and employers. It’s always nice when you can get a video preview of the person or place you’re after. It certainly makes the pre screening easier! Thanks for your tips.