Key Questions Recruiters Should Ask in Video Interviews

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Video interviews are becoming a mainstream screening tool. A video interview allows you to input position-specific questions that every candidate will be asked in the same way. The questions are a condensed version of what you would have asked in a face-to-face interview – same information, no small talk.

Make sure to ask questions in this interview that will help you to make an easy decision on whether or not to continue screening a candidate.

Be sure to think about the following when writing your questions:

What makes a candidate qualified for this position? Ask questions that requires an applicant go beyond his or her resume and demonstrate they can handle the responsibilities associated with the open position. Video interviewing allows you to save time and money by not interviewing unqualified candidates.

How does his or her experience pertain to the specific job needs? Knowing specifically how an applicant’s past positions have taught him or her how to handle situations they’ll encounter in their new job will help you to determine who is most likely to succeed. Further, understanding the capacity in which they used particular software programs will help you evaluate proficiency.

Is he or she willing to have a criminal background check and drug test? How they react to this may decide for you if you want to move forward with the candidate. If your company states that all candidates must go through with these as part of the process, and they choose not to do so, then they will be easily weeded out before you review the rest of the interview questions.

Other behavioral questions. Get a feel for the way they interacted with co-workers and their manager, as well as why they are leaving (or already left) their position.

These questions will provide you with a more detailed picture of each candidate and allow you to make a more informed decision on whom to further evaluate. In time, you will see how much time and money will be saved by conducting video interviews — as well as how convenient it is to be able to review any parts of an interview and share it with others in the company.

What additional questions do you consider when preparing a video interviews?


Robert Petti is the CEO of Resoomay, a cloud-based pre-screening tool that improves the job search process for recruiters and applicants. Connect with him and Resoomay on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. James

    Video interviews are quite common these days. Recruiters need to make the most of this opportunity. The article makes some interesting points which recruiters can use to get the maximum out of a video interview.

    Thanks for these wonderful tips!