How to Write a Twitter Resume in 140 Characters Or Less

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As Twitter is growing in use by job seekers and recruiters there has emerged a method to write an effective Twitter resume.

Here are 4 elements that make up a good Twitter resume:

  • Job Title – this is the title of the position you are currently seeking.
  • Location – use the #tag or Hashtag of the location where you want to work or where you want to relocate.
  • Link to Resume – You have several options here. You can link to your online resume or personal homepage or a social networking profile. Use a URL shortening service like or TinyURL to stay within 140 character limit.
  • Use Hashtags – hastags are a why for Twitter users to classify tweets and group them together. Recruiters use hastags as a way to search for talent on Twitter. Some good examples of hastags that you should include in your Twitter resume tweet are #needajob, #laidoff, #jobangels. A great resource for looking up hashtags being used is
  • TweetMyResume – post your resume on for added exposure.
  • ReTweets – Ask your Twitter following to retweet your Twitter resume making it very viral!

Creating a Tweet that contains your resume is a powerful tool for any job seeker who is serious about expanding their job search to the next level.

Recruiters search sites like Twitter Search ( to find qualified, aggressive candidates who use social media to make an impact with employers. Search Twitter for other examples of a good Twitter resume. You have to be creative when you only have 140 characters.



John Walker, Co-Founder, Talent Evolution, LLC,

John is a job search expert with over 15 years of experience in human resources, corporate recruiting, recruitment advertising, career development and coaching. His focus is directed to the online job search process by using social networking and social media technology.

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