The Burka and The Workplace Part 1

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This is part 1 (of 4) in a series about The Burka and the Workplace.

Viewpoint: The Burka is a threat to national safety

How has the world reacted to the Burka?


  • Nicolas Sarkozy backs French burka ban; Full-length Muslim garb ‘not welcome‘ in France, he says | Source: NY Daily News
  • France Bans Head Scarves in School | Source: CBS News
  • Poll shows support in Europe for Burka Ban | Source: Financial Times


  • 4.30.10 – Belgium set to ban burqa, make Europe record | Source: IBN




  • 1.17.10 – …Schools Secretary Ed Balls saying it was “not British” to tell people what to wear in the street… | Source: Press TV
  • 1.17.10 – UKIP Chief Nigel Farage  calls for Burka Ban | Source: BBC


  • 1.29.07 – A majority in Parliament wants the government to allow municipalities to cut benefits if the recipients are unable to find a job because they wear a burqa. | Source: Jihad Watch
  • 1.24.08 – the government had concluded that a broad ban would violate the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion. | Source: NY Times


  • For more than 85 years Turks have lived in a secular state founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who rejected headscarves as backward-looking in his campaign to secularise Turkish society.  | Source: Wikipedia
  • Turkey is officially a secular state, and the hijab is banned in universities and public buildings – this includes libraries or government buildings. The ban was first in place during the 1980 military coup, but the law was strengthened more in 1997. | Source: Counterpunch
  • 2.9.08 – Turkey eases ban on headscarves | Source: BBC


  • 9.28.04 – Italian Mayor’s Decision to Ban Burkas Sparks Outrage | Source: NY Sun
  • 5.4.10 – Woman find for wearing burqa in Novara, Italy | Source: The Australian


  • 5.19.08 – The government announced it would bar judges from wearing headscarves and similar religious or political symbols – including crucifixes, Jewish skull caps and turbans – in courtrooms.   | Source: BBC


  • 9.24.03 – Germany’s highest court on Wednesday confirmed the right of a female Muslim teacher to wear a headscarf in the classroom. | Source: DW-WORLD


  • 4.22.10 – Quebec burqa Ban? Province Moves to Prohibit the “Total Veil”  | Source: Politics Daily


  • 5.15.2003 – The Russian Federation Supreme Court has upheld an appeal by ten Muslim women from the republic of Tatarstan and cancelled a decree from the Russian Interior Ministry, which had prohibited wearing headdresses in passport photographs… | Source: Pravda




  • 1.1.10 – Muslims threaten women’s minister for considering a burka ban | Source: Bare Naked Islam


  • 5.11.10 – Switzerland would ban hiding one’s face in public, but will make an exception for Muslims tourists wearing the burka, according to the Swiss minister of justice and police Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. | Source: Islam in Europe



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