Who gets paid more? Recruiters or Sourcers?

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Although many Recruiters do their own sourcing, they are wholly two different functions commanding (among other things) separate pay scales. I did a salary comparison using a cool tool from Indeed and discovered that (based on salary alone) Recruiters make more money than Sourcers.

However, check out the trend in Sourcer salary over the past few months. Pretty interesting huh?

So what does this mean? I think it is an indicator that the job market is finally rebounding. (Hallelujah!) After all, Recruiters can only do so much and when they become overwhelmed, they need Sourcers more than ever. Make sense? At least, that’s my gut reaction. What do you think? Leave a comment and we’ll talk about it.

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  1. Ryan Leary

    I definitely do not agree with the $$ figures here. I couldn’t feed my dog on that sourcers salary…

    Do you know what they are basing this off?