Where are the Recruiter jobs?

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I get phonecalls (a lot of calls and tweets, but mostly emails) from Recruiters looking for opportunities. As everyone knows, its not too pretty out there. Well, I wanted to give an assist where I can so I decided to do a bit of research. This is by NO MEANS a scientific survey, just a bit of a glance at the Recruiting job market. All my data comes from one of my favorite websites – Indeed.com. (Maybe after reading this post you will see why.)

The first thing I wanted to do was confirm the obvious, so I did a search on Job Trends and searched the word “Recruiter.” Indeed gave me a nice graph that I could share on my blog. (see below)

Okay, no surprises here, the graph is showing me that now is not the best time to be a Recruiter… or is it? (Insert dramatic music here)

I did a search for Recruiter jobs and glanced at the results. My aim was to find Recruiter jobs that were similar (for example, Healthcare Recruiter and Physician Recruiter), bunch them together and discern the top 3 types of Recruiter jobs. The results?

Top 3 in-demand Recruiters are:

Again, this is not wholly scientific, but (to some degree) it is interesting; especially since Indeed aggregates jobs from so many other job boards. Such being the case, I thought it was a good sampling of data. Alright, so where was I? Umm… Oh!

So after I figured out what the top 3 Recruiter jobs are, I wanted to know what were the most popular cities for those jobs. So I looked that up to.

  • If you are a Technical Recruiter looking for work, chances are that it will come from CA, NY or MA. (Again, no surprises for those already in that field.) The overall majority of those jobs are full-time and (mostly) promoted by companies, although jobs posted by 3rd party recruiters were pretty close to making it 50/50.
  • If you are an Executive Recruiter looking for work, the best cities for you are pretty much everywhere. No clear market leaders that I could see. The overall majority of the jobs were full-time and posted by search firms. (Yeah, no surpises there either, right?)
  • If you are a Healthcare Recruiter looking for work, the best cities for you are… Pretty much everywhere. I did not see where one city was a clear leader with a need for Healthcare Recruiters. I also noticed that about half of the jobs posted were from Searchfirms. The overall majority of jobs were full-time positions.

Who was making the most money of the three? Indeed gave me some insight there as well. Does the graph below take into account commissions? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, so take that into account as well.

Again, all of the above was done via a glance at Indeed.com. If anyone reading this has a link to more scientific data, by all means please leave it in the comments section below. The purpose of this post was merely to share some insight into data I gathered rather quickly. (full disclosure)


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One comment

  1. Doug Muller

    Your research seems right on. I am a Senior Recruiter, my job was eliminated at a major corporation in Minneapolis MN back in January and I have been averaging about 1 interview per month. The recruiting jobs are there but is ungodly competition and low paying. For me it is all coming down to personalities, the personality of the interviewer matching me. I also think the temp services are filling alot of the openings for major corporations now because they don’t want to bring on full-time employees and use the temp agency as their recruiter. I project another year before the recruiting positions will really turn around in my area.