Social Networking jobs are steadily rising

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According to, jobs featuring the term “social networking” have been steadily climbing for some time now. Below is a job trends graph showing the percentage of jobs posted in their system containing the term “social networking.”

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  1. miraza waqaas jahangir

    Dear i am not interested in networking jobs bcoz i am currently serving as small manufacturing unit as an office boy. Now think yourself how i am fit for this job.


    Mirza waqas Jahangir

  2. dennis addison

    it’s obvious that this job has a place in the future.the economic benefit must be fascinating.can you please send me an available post?

  3. prasanth

    sir,i’am a health proffesional(nurse)so plz give information regarding nursing.thanku

  4. sanjay mishra

    i am looking forward for a new job in amastardam in hotel or hospitality industry. and to make a effective relation with you

  5. Bishnu paudel

    My interest is to work for social welfare as social mobiliser/motivator through the I/NGO’s. I have 10 years experience to that sector.

  6. Apple

    Sound interesting.I would like to give it a try.
    Could you pls.send me the fully description about this job.


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