Hey Jobseekers! This is (another) reason to use Linkedin

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If you do not have a profile on Linkedin, I strongly suggest that you create one now. Why? Did you know that when someone does a search on your name on Yahoo, your Linkedin profile appears in the search results? Check out what happens when I do a (vanity) search on my name.

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(By the way, you also want to create a Google profile as well.) The advantages to this (I would hope) are obvious:

  • It makes it easier for Recruiters, Hiring Manager, et cetera to find your professional information when they are doing a background search. (No matter what anyone says, everybody does a poor man’s background check during the hiring process.)
  • Once you are found on LinkedIn, its that much easier to see comments from your peers and superiors about your work history.

Hope you find this tip useful!


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  1. Jeff Goldman

    Martjin, this approach also works works with Google. In fact, Google will typically put a LinkedIn profile on the top of the list when searching a name.