Twittering Recruiters Directory v1.0

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Are you a job seeker trying to connect with Recruiters? Are you a Recruiter looking for talent? (Even in these days…) Well, I am giving something away that I hope will join Recruiters and JobSeekers together, its called the Twittering Recruiters Directory. In a nutshell, I have gathered a list of 256 Recruiters on Twitter and ranked them according to the number of followers they have. And in doing so, let me say this…

* The Twittering Recruiter Directory is intended for networking purposes only and should not be seen as a personal endorsement of any particular Recruiter.
* If you are a Recruiter and your name is not on the list, follow me on Twitter and DM me leave a comment on this post and I will add you to the next version.
* If you feel that you should be higher on the list because of your standing in the community, then you are probably right. Sorry.
* Recruiters on this list are there because they have certain keywords in their profile (Recruiter, Recruiting, Staffing, et cetera). If you do not have those keywords in your profile, chances are that I missed you in my search. So go ahead and change it now, then let me know via Direct Messaging (DM) on Twitter by leaving a comment on this blog post. Thanks!

Here are a few more ways that you can use this list.

As a Recruiter:

* Send this out to people you interview, or have spoken to, but could not immediately place. As a way of promoting the “warm and fuzzies,” let them know that you hope to help them in the future. However for now, I hope that this information proves useful to you. Let’s stay in touch.

* Let it inspire you to create a Twitter blog for the purpose of expanding your reach to passive candidates.

As a Jobseeker:

* Add a link to the Twittering Recruiter Directory in an email and send it out to other job networking groups and/or career ministries that you are a member of.

Well, that’s it! Click here or the screenshot below to download your copy today. If it proves useful to you, pay it forward by giving it to someone else.

Happy Networking!

-Jim Stroud


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  1. Alma Meise

    Hi Jim,

    probably you dont know me but Im the one and only Career Ant in the world!

    Ha, thats cool?!

    I would be really happy, if you could take me on your twitter recruiterslist. I follow you now as . Im from Germany, Stuttgart and represent alma mater, a recruiting specialist for academics.

    Please contact me if you got questions and so on.

    cheers alma

  2. vicki z lauter

    JS – interesting it didn’t pick my name up. My profile shows I recruit in healthcare and technology. Wow guess I am just not relevant.
    Maybe I should go back to bed now.

  3. Maisha

    Hi Jim,
    Please include me on the next round!Been following you for a while now!
    Maisha Cannon, CDR, ACIR, CIR

  4. Bill Neufeld

    Hi Jim,
    I got picked up with my personal twitter name. I’d also like to have my office ID included on your next round. We go by @expressjobs
    Good job on this!

  5. Heather Gardner


    This is just plan COOL! I’ll share with my network of “active job seekers” and let them know this is an excellent reason to BE on Twitter 😉

    Thanks for sharing – you ROCK as always!

    ~ Heather

  6. KarenM

    The tool is Word specific – Vicki for example, you have the word Recruit – not recruiting, recruiter, or the key buzz words that an individual may use to find you

    Soon unfortunately though if everyone adds those specific words it may still not pick you up, because it will be then based upon other qualifiers as well.. and not necessarily your followers, but how frequently you use twitter; the way you utilize twitter; how frequently you reply back to people, or how often people quote your twitters.. (RT) and so on..

    There unfortunately can only be so many in the top 100

  7. Jan Kirchner

    Hello Jim,
    in case your directory has an international focus please include me, a Germany-based technical recruiter, in your list.

    As of today, jobseekers do also have the possibility to search twitter for job openings using our free twitter job search engine, which also offers an English version.

    Jan Kirchner

  8. Nick Nordin


    I’m getting getting ramped up on networking with potential candidates on Twitter and your post is very helpful. Definitely add me on your next updated list.


    Nick Nordin

  9. Nick Nordin


    I’m getting ramped up on networking with potential candidates on Twitter and your post is very helpful. Definitely add me on your next updated list.


    Nick Nordin

  10. Heather Seely

    Hi Jim,
    Would love to be added on the list. I’m going Independent for now (sourcing and recruiting) – however I am seeking a new opportunity. (Please let me know if anyone out there has a need someone like me!)

    I’ll share with my networks.

    Take care,
    Heather Seely
    HSeely on Twitter

  11. Gwen Nugent

    Hi Jim. I’ve been following you since I leaped into the 21st century (about 2 months ago!)Please include me in the next Twittering Recruiters Directory. Thanks!

  12. Susan

    Hi Jim,

    I work for Chalk Media, a mobile software company recently acquired by RIM. I’m responsible for recruiting/hiring for our Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada) office. I’d be thrilled if you included me on your list. I’m @susanholt.


  13. AK Menon

    Hi Jim..I would love to be included in the next edition of your directory!

    DO you suggest I change my twitter identity for easier recall?


  14. Sara Kollengode

    Hi Jim!

    Enjoy your posts!!! Please include me in your directory. Gracias!


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  17. jadumont

    Hi Jim,

    Please include me jadumont in your recruiters list. Thanks for doing this!


  18. Jim Meyer

    hello Jim,

    I enjoy your insights into our industry. Please include me in your directory.

    best regards,

    Jim Meyer
    JMA Technologies, Inc.