The Importance of Employee Recognition

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A good employee is certainly a happy employee. If your office has become a place of drudgery and deadlines, rather than a place of high morale and high effectiveness, then it might be time to spruce up the work place with an employee recognition program. A proper employee recognition program should be one that awards excellent work, rather than punishes those who may feel challenged in their current positions. An employee recognition program can give your employees something to work towards, in addition to providing an opportunity to throw a fun awards ceremony.

To get you headed down the right path, let us look at some of the great perks of an employee recognition program.

* Something to Work Towards – Employee recognition awards can give employees something to work towards. Contrary to what some tedious managers may believe, the basic urge to be rewarded for good work does not disappear after one matures from adolescence. Even mature, working adults crave to be told that their work is good and worthwhile. Think of an employee recognition award as an “A+” for grown-ups.

* Great Office Party Opportunity – An employee recognition awards ceremony can be a great bonding experience for myriad employees who may not commonly interact with each other. One of the key aspects to encouraging high employee morale is encouraging employees to engage in plenty of healthy bonding opportunities. While the point of your company or office is certainly to be productive, there should also be a strong sense of camaraderie. This promotes a team mentality, rather than unhealthy competition. That being said, a proper employee recognition awards ceremony can certainly create a little bit of competition amongst employees. This however is healthy competition, and also very good for productivity.

* A Permanent Memento – An employee recognition award in the form of an engraved plaque can become a treasured lifelong memento for recipients. Employees who are content in their positions and appreciate their bosses’ approval will certainly treasure an employee recognition plaque. When designing your awards plaques, it is always a good idea to include the employee’s full name, in addition to their award title. This personalizes the plaque, and renders it very valuable. to the lucky employee who receives it.

Organizing an employee awards ceremony or ordering hundreds of engraved plaques can certainly seem like a very daunting task. However, these efforts will prove themselves very worthwhile, and eventually pay for themselves in the form of increased productivity. Remember: An employee may be hired at your company to complete a task and increase company earnings. But no person can be defined simply by their position. If you go the extra inch to regard your employees for their unique skills and abilities, you will soon see an increase in both output and morale.


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