OBAMA: Pros and Cons of The Employee Free Choice Act

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With the inauguration over, its time for new business to begin. One of the things that I suspect will be a hotly contested issue is the Employee Free Choice Act. I have been hearing positive and negative things about it and thought to myself, “Hmmm… this would make a controversial blog post.” So I decided to write this up.

Mind you, I am not a politician, nor do I play one on TV, so I am presenting both sides of The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) by sharing articles, videos and public commentary. Is the EFCA a good thing for the labor market? Is it a bad thing? Check out the info below and you decide. If you leave some comments below, that would be appreciated as well.

Our President on The Employee Free Choice Act

A Few Articles on The Employee Free Choice Act

1. But company executives here fear the Employee Free Choice Act could be a Trojan horse if ushered in by the next administration. 2. Writer, producer and director for over 3 decades explains the need for the Employee Free Choice Act. 3. Labor battle brews for ’09 4. The Employee Free Choice Act, For Economic Recovery 5. We must expose labor unions trickery

6. Employee free choice act: Don’t follow Detroit‘s example 7. Obama Flexible On Employee Free Choice Act 8. Critiquing the Employee Free Choice Act 9. 40 Arguments Against the Employee Free Choice Act 10. CEOs: We’ll take our ball and ship it overseas

Partisan Videos about The Employee Free Choice Act

National advertisement promoting the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill to help bring back the middle class. Lean more at FreeChoiceAct.org

The Employee Free Choice Act is a measure sponsored by politicians funded by Big Labor. It seeks to eliminate the right of workers to vote for representation by secret ballots. Features a principled stand by former presidential candidate, Sen. George McGovern.

Al Franken on the Employee Free Choice Act

Former union organizers “spill the beans” on the employee free choice act and the intimidation tactics used by unions to “psychologically batter” employees into signing union cards.


“The card-check provision is the most controversial and unnecessary provision of this Act. Do away with card-check but pass the other two provisions of this bill, specifically increased penalties for violations. As a result, the organizing process and the election process will remain intact. This alone will change the face of American labor law. Illegal employer actions designed to derail organizing or the election process will come to and end when faced with increased penalties.” – JamesB2410

“This is fraud! This bill will allow my co-workers to bully me and others into voting for what they want. We’ve got the right to form a union now. We have fair pay and good working conditions. When we vote now its secret ballot and we can vote our mind without pressure! If this passes I know guys will do a lot of arm twisting. Then we’ll pay more dues and jeopardize our good jobs. Please don’t support this lie and send my job to China! I want to work in the USA!” – iusedtoloveamerica

“This should be easy — employees should be free to join an organization on the job. And no one should be afraid of employees bargaining with employers for fair pay and benefits. Otherwise, you end up with falling wages, disappearing benefits, no job security….oh wait! That’s what we have now.” msrooth

“Right on there, you notice the people that complain the loudest about unions are the same ones in favor of sending our jobs over to COMMUNIST countries where unions are illegal. Hmm, let’s see, big corporations by in large are supporting the communists in China and Vietnam but not the free countries of the world, let’s see, could it be those evil Democrats that are doing that? Oh! That’s right! It was Reagan and the rest of the Repugnacon party.” – mickatmidnight

“Great, it’s about time someone spoke up for the rights of the majority. Companies with from maybe 15 top execs may have 100,000 employees making their rich lives possible. Lets get some proportionate representation and sign the petition to the new Congress. (The above exec to employee ratio works out to about 1:6667. FYI)” Dunkleosteus3691

“No not every non union place is, but more are increasingly than not. Back when 30% of the country was union, prosperity for everyone grew by leaps and bounds. Then came the 80’s, no unions and lower pay, easier credit, but LOTS of personal debt just to live like we did in the 50’s and 60’s.” mickatmidnight

Employee Free Choice Act


  • EmployeeFreedom.org
    “Protecting your right to vote on the job.”
  • Free Choice Act
    When workers are free to choose to join a union, our economy can work for everyone again.


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