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SAN FRANCISCO – September 17, 2010 – Only a few years ago, Facebook was primarily an online hangout for college students, but it now is a source of big business. Statistics about Facebook are often cited in the millions, if not billions: the site has over 500 million users, who spend about 700 billion minutes and share 30 billion pieces of content on the site each month.

It’s no wonder that many of the world’s largest companies are shifting their attention and resources to Facebook. Over half of Fortune Global 100 companies have an official Facebook Page, and this number is growing rapidly.[i] In the US, social media spending is expected to double this year, outpacing all other forms of marketing spending and reaching $3.1 billion by 2014.[ii] Facebook currently accounts for half of all social media spending, a share that it is expected to remain constant in the near future.[iii]

How to recruit on facebook
How to recruit on facebook

One currently neglected area in this boom is Facebook’s use as a recruitment tool. Facebook is essentially the world’s largest collection of interconnected, data-rich resumes. Users publish information about their education, personal and professional interests, work history, location, and so on. Users can also “Like” various Facebook Pages, signaling their interest in anything from poker to Lady Gaga to Google. Users liking a company’s page demonstrate their interest in and knowledge of that brand, something many recruiters strive to identify potential hires.

This information presents a wealth of opportunity to recruiters. Using this data and networks-within-networks, such as a company’s Facebook Page, recruiters could identify, target, and engage very specific segments of candidates. However, until now, recruiters have lacked the platform to reach such specific audiences on a network as large as Facebook. They have favored traditional methods, such as job boards, or exclusively professional networks, such as LinkedIn. Although still effective, these channels ignore millions of candidates directly engaged on Facebook with the companies that want to hire them.

To address this gap in exposure and recruiting, Work4 Labs developed Work for us, a revolutionary application that allows companies to recruit directly from their Facebook Pages. Launched in 2010, the app has gained incredible traction in only a few months, and has been used by a number of international companies, including Accenture, Cisco, PwC, L’Oréal, American Apparel, State Street, Sodexo, and over 3,000 others. The app has a truly global coverage: companies in over 30 countries have installed it and posted jobs in 19 languages.

Recruiting with Facebook

Work for us offers an incredibly powerful suite of features that allow small and large companies to leverage social media for recruiting. Through the app, recruiters can create a fully customizable job board on their Facebook Page. Candidates can submit resumes through the app or be redirected to a company’s career website. Recruiters can also create custom Facebook ad campaigns to target very specific segments of candidates based on attributes like education, interests, and location. The app also enables recruiters to harness the power of referrals by encouraging users to share specific jobs with their friends.

Smaller companies can migrate their entire recruiting processes directly to the app, allowing them flexibility and a reach previously attainable only through expensive and often inefficient services. Larger companies can use the app to complement existing recruiting efforts by reaching an entirely new and untapped channel for talent, while increasing their online presence and accessibility. The app comes with functionality that allows Facebook to be integrated seamlessly with existing hiring processes. Work for Us gives companies incredible powers to reach and engage top talent through an entirely new channel without the time and money that is traditionally required to interact with such an audience.

Therein lies the true power of Work for us: by targeting huge numbers of candidates already engaged in a brand, companies can attract a greater number of high quality candidates. The rate at which both large and small companies are adopting Work for us suggests that it is more than just efficient and cost-effective. Work for us represents a paradigm shift in the fusion of social media and recruiting.

Facebook Recruiting App - Work4Us

About Work4 Labs

Founded in 2010, Work4 Labs is a technology startup dedicated to helping businesses around the world leverage Facebook to target, engage, and recruit their top candidates.  The company has developed the most popular recruiting application for Facebook, called “Work For Us.”  Over 3,000 companies use the application, and over 1,000 add it each month.  Key clients include Accenture, PwC, Cisco, P&G, L’Oréal, Sodexo, P&G, American Apparel, and Amadeus.  Work4 Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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