Twitter Tweets about Sourcecon as of June 19, 2008

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jlanghan: SCGN = SourceCon Grandmaster Network
2008-04-29 14:11:14 · Reply · View
SourcerKelly: Checking out SourceCon, surprised that all the Speakers are men! Where are all the fab women source guru’s?
2008-04-26 20:50:11 · Reply · View
jlanghan: SourceCon Grandmaster Network FTW.
2008-04-24 14:01:42 · Reply · View
andreamitchell: Trying to think of a way that I can get to SourceCon, half a world away
2008-04-22 03:30:06 · Reply · View
jlanghan: is stoked about the new Sourcecon Grandmaster Network. (shh)
2008-04-05 19:44:41 · Reply · View
shrinivas2g: searching data for the sourcecon newsletter article…
2008-04-03 21:34:40 · Reply · View
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