I demand HR justice for US veterans!

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Why is it that a US Soldier can fight and (potentially) die in service to his/her country, but can’t get a job when they come back home? Personally, I think we are doing our veterans a disservice and something should be done about it. On a pending podcast (which will air later today), I am interviewing someone from a major corporation that has shown some true thought leadership in this area and I really hope my readers in the USA check it out.

For now, check out this article snippet from The Washington Post.

USA Veterans

Finding a job is turning out to be a very tough challenge for returning veterans; harder than for civilians of similar age and education.

Eighteen percent of the veterans recently back from tours of duty are unemployed. Of those employed since leaving the military, 25 percent earn less than $21,840 a year, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The data come from a survey of 1,941 veterans who left the military between December 2004 and January 2006. The survey is in line with Census Bureau and other data that indicate employment rates and wages are lower for troops returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones than their civilian peers.

“Transitioning back into employment, education, and/or training after completing military service can be challenging for some military personnel,” the study says, adding that “it is vital” for the VA to better understand the programs and services it provides.

The survey was conducted for the VA by a consultant, who sent an analysis to the department last year. The survey findings have not been released by the VA but have been obtained by groups that advocate on behalf of veterans. They were reported by the Wall Street Journal last week.

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