Another Sourcing Contest – $50.00 cash prize!

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A very good friend of mine is building his second home movie theatre, but he is missing a crucial component. Is it the right speaker? Is it the best quality video screen? Nope! Its a lamp, but not just any lamp, but the perfect lamp. (No other lamp will do!) At the point of obsession he has been looking for a replica of the one he had in his original theater, but so far no luck.

Well, this very good friend of mine is willing to put up a bounty of $50.00 (USD) to anyone who LOCATES this lamp. If you find it online somewhere, send me the link and I will forward it on and if you are the first to find it, I will make sure you get paid. So go for it!

Here are some pictures of the perfect home theater movie lamp. Bask in its glory!

Find this lamp and get $50.00

More Details:

The lamp is a Bronze Angel/Cherub/Boy holding a stain glass Flower
Size: aprox. 2 feet tall
Manufacture: Oriental Accents Inc
Manufacture Date: 9/98
Issue: BH-42,988 / E110418

Happy Hunting!



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