There are only 85 recruiters on Twitter?

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I guess its because I live online that I assume others live out here too. What am I talking about? I did a search on Twitter and found only 85 recruiters were listed. Surprising to me that so few were listed as the Twitterverse is full of passive candidates. (But more on that later…)

Here is a screenshot of those 85 leading the pack:

Social Media Recruiting

And while I was in a Twitter state of mind, I wanted to know how many recruiting related conversations were going on. So just for giggles, I hopped over to TweetVolume, a searchengine for conversations in the TwitterVerse and looked up the following terms:

  • get a job (883 mentions)
  • my resume (584 mentions)
  • help wanted (463 mentions)
  • I was laidoff (265 mentions)
  • Send me your resume (9 mentions)

Here is a chart I generated from TweetVolume listing the figures I cited above.

Social Media Recruiter

From this very unscientific polling, my hunch is that people are talking about finding work, discussing their resumes (most likely how to fine tune them) and looking for work; however only a handful of recruiters (9?) are engaging them and asking for their resume. Of course, this is assuming a lot as it very well could be a Twitter connection volunteering to send a resume to their boss for consideration. But let’s assume that these 9 that said “send me your resume” are all recruiters. Pretty low number wouldn’t you say?

Of course, these are only today’s figures. I will check back later to see if there has been any improvement.

Social Media Recruiting, gotta love it!


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