More fun with Social Media Recruiting

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Someone asked me the other day about Social Media Recruiting and I found I could not shut up about it. (Smile) I guess I am drawn to it so much because it feeds in to my creativity. Plus, its not an expensive process, just takes time to implement, measure the results, do more of what works and scrap the rest. Here is an example of something I did last year that is still working well.

Last year I was in India (man, still love saying that) and did some training. While I was there, I made a few videos, actually a lot of videos. The camera I used was relatively cheap and I edited the videos using free software that came with my computer anyway. (Windows Movie Maker) The videos are all 1-minute (give or take) and feature employees giving their unrehearsed opinions on why they like working for Microsoft. I took the better of them and made a virtual wall of videos. (See below)

social media recruiting

What then?

1. All recruiters hiring for that region added a link to the page in the signature lines of their emails.
2. Prospects came to the site and saw what it was really like to work at the Microsoft India Development Center and passed the link around to their pals.
3. People began to apply.

Do you want exact figures on who applied because of this strategy? Do you want to know how long it took? Sorry… not telling that stuff, but I think if you experiment with this technique you will have some interesting results.

Happy Hunting!



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