Women make 60% of workplace complaints

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When I read this article, my first thought was “Argentina has an official office dedicated to Workplace Violence?” Wow. Is an entire office neccessary? Judging by the stats below, I’m going to have to say… yes. Does anyone have any additional insight on this? Is it just a cultural bias towards women in that country? Is it due to a $200.00 (USD) monthly minimum wage?

Hmmm… maybe Cristina Fern├índez de Kirchner can fix this? I’m optimistic. Anyways, check out this article…


– Some 60 percent of official complaints of abuse at work are made by women, Argentina’s Workplace Violence Advice Office said in a report published on Monday.

Some 80 percent of official complaints are made for psychological abuse, 10 percent for physical abuse, and 8 percent for sexual harassment, the report said, adding that more than half of the abuse take place when workers make some other kind of demands on employers.

These other factors include complaints about a workplace accident, sickness or pregnancy.

According to the report, nearly 92 percent of workplace complaints are made by people whose work is what is called “en negro”(in the black) in Argentina, meaning that some or all of their activities are performed without official healthcare provisions or other obligatory benefits.

Problems begin to emerge when these workers demand the regularization or renegotiation of their working conditions.

Source: China Daily

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