MC Kevin Whee’ and The Cheezhead Crew

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With all of the hype around SourceCon2007, I forgot to mention that I was speaking at the Online Recruiting Expo in San Francisco. Good times there as well, as evident by the video below. (Smile)

In case you don’t know, in the car with me were legends from the blogosphere and the recruiting world: Gerry Crispin, Kevin Wheeler (MC Kevin Whee’), Joel Cheesman (Cheezhead) and… um… some other guy who jumped in the car with us. (Sorry dude!) If anyone can identify him, I would appreciate it.

Sigh… One day someone will pay me to travel and blog about this kind of stuff. (Cryptic smile) Anyways, here is the first of my OnRec2007 videos. Enjoy…

MC Kevin Whee’ and the Cheezhead Crew from Jim Stroud on Vimeo.

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