“The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline” is now online

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Back in June, I announced that I was working on a whitepaper called “The History of Sourcing.” The goal was to research the sourcing industry and track developments over the past 10 years or so which was my guess of how long Sourcing candidates has been online. Well, after so many phone calls and searchengine searches, my timeline begins in the year 1350 (Can you believe it?!) and continues up to this year.

I also changed my mind and took my project from a white paper to an interactive timeline which I thought was good for curious minds with short attention spans. At this point, I know you are curious (or at least, I hope you are) about my timeline; so let me give you a quick tutorial on how it works.

Click here for The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline

1. Here is a screenshot of the timeline. Right away you see my picture (truly, a face for radio) and beneath it a welcome message. To the left is the actual timeline.

The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline

2. By clicking on the scrollbar (see arrow below), you will cause images and notes from the timeline to appear where my picture was. For more details on what is associated with the pictures, you can simply click on the picture itself, or…

The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline

3. Click on a word or phrase on the timeline (see arrow below) and data specific to the that word or phrase will appear on the right side of the screen as shown below.

The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline

And that’s pretty mush all there is to it. If you would, check out my timeline now and leave me a comment on what you thought of it and (more importantly) what I may have overlooked?

Click here for The History of Sourcing Interactive Timeline


-Jim Stroud

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