The Week In Recruiting (Reading the blogs so you won’t have to)

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My Fab15 for the week…

1. Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. 2. Did you know (or care that) I was in India last week? 3. Yes, no, or maybe so. 4. Mandatory Jobster reading? Actually, every company should read it. 5. Especially Peyton Manning. 6. Unless you are too thin-skinned of course. 7. To Russia with love? 8. Aren’t they made to be broken? 9. Is it really greener on the other side? 10. Even more validation of JobCentral‘s model.

11. Hey, your rep is all you got. 12. The best fruit is on the vine? 13. Shut up you old coot! 14. Gee Dave Staats, I thought I was the busy one. 15. Sweet! Just flippin’ sweet.

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