VIDEO – Life in India requires a helmet

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Okay, this was too funny, not to share…

Hob Gadling says: “If you’ve visited India, you’ll know that driving is akin to a martial art. (They don’t give black belts yet, but they should!) Here’s a video I found on ‘It Rocks Everything’ showing a small intersection in India.

Things to look out for:
* The pedestrian momentarily trapped between a car and a scooter
* The white car in the top right corner which goes the wrong way

Of course, India has one of the world’s worst automobile accident statistics, but as I kid growing up in Mumbai, I crossed much busier streets and lived to tell the tale. (However, anyone else from India will tell you, I had it easy growing up in Mumbai, most other cities are worse!)”

This is good info to know if you are planning to spend time in India recruiting. Maybe you need to pack a helmet as well? (Or hire a stunt driver!) Check out the video below to see how Gadling’s comments ring true.




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