Silicon Valley Fight Club: When Geeks Attack!!!

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In Silicon Valley there are plenty of things going on in garages, usually this is where you expect the next Web 2.0 company to be in operation. However, I recently discovered something else that is growing in popularity among the geeks in Silicon Valley – “The Gentleman’s Fight Club.”

If you are a familiar with the cult classic film “Fight Club,” then you have a good idea of what I am talking about. Well in this real-life version of “Fight Club,” software engineers looking to release their 9-to-5 frustrations turn to martial arts and pummel other software engineers in a variety of ways. (No, I am not kidding!)

Among the ways Geeks attack their fellow geeks in hand-to-hand combat are: Plastic knife fighting, Rolled-up magazine fighting, Mop, toilet seat fighting, More rolled-up magazine fighting (a fan favorite), Baking pan fighting (Owch! That is sure to leave a mark) , Broomstick fighting, Stick fighting and Bathroom implement fighting. There is even a commentator (in a tux) to chat with the combatants before and after their exchanges.

The locations of these fight clubs are confidential and invitation only (from what I hear), but I was able to find a video (a news video at that) discussing the local phenomenon. Click here to view: Inside The Gentlemen’s Fight Club.

Hmmm… I wonder if this represents a unique recruiting opportunity? I mean, all the fighters are software engineers in Silicon Valley, I bet it could prove one of the more interesting networking events I’ve been to in awhile.

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